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​​​All of our custom snares are on a made to order basis.  We are an alternative to the high priced "boutique" companies.  While providing a high quality product, we offer unmatched customer service and attention to detail.

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Steve "Steevo" Morrison -

Owner/Builder.  World renowned drum tech for such legendary drummers as Tommy Lee, Nate Morton, Ginger Fish, & many more!


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DTS Custom Snare Drums


Take a look at our custom builds, customer photos, and demo videos right here!  Tag your photos #dtscustomsnaredrums to be featured!

​​Welcome to DTS Custom Snare Drums!  We are a custom snare drum company based out of Chandler, Arizona, making some of the BEST sounding drums on the planet.  Our snares can be heard all over television and radio.  Customers include: Nate Morton (NBC's The Voice), Tommy Lee, Andres Forero ("Hamilton"), E-Man Cervantes (Andy Grammar), Dennis Arcano ("Jagged Little Pill") and many, many more.  Take a look around and see how we can take your sound to the next level!

"Hmmm, lemme describe my DTS Atrium snare...  Sounds like standing next to a sawed off shotgun when I smack it!  It doesn't suck!"

     - Tommy Lee, drummer, Mötley Crüe

"My DTS is the best snare drum I've ever played in 25 years as a professional drummer.  Crank it up and it cuts like a beast!  Tune it down for the fattest backbeat ever.  I can even throw a FiberSkyn head on and it kills as a rudimental or orchestral snare. Steevo and DTS rule!!!"

     - Dennis Arcano, drummer, Contemporary Theater of CT; Drum sub, "Jagged Little Pill" on Broadway.

"I've been playing professionally for over 50 years, and DTS Custom Snares are simply put, amazing!  I now own three; brass, birch, and a wild segmented shell design, and they are my go to snares in the studio and live.  From metal to exotic woods, their drums and passion for perfection show no boundaries!"

      - Tim "Boneyard" Qualls, drummer, Johnny Riley & The Boneyard Medicine Show

"This DTS snare has the perfect crack to cut through the mix, but still has a good deep tone; plus it's also sexy as hell!"

​     - David Nester, independent


"I've never played a drum that both sounded and looked so amazing!  I can't get enough of my snare!  My dream drum has come to life thanks to DTS!"

     - Joey Prince, drummer, Vendetta Rose