DTS Custom snare drums

DTS Custom Snare Drums



The time is now for your signature sound, and we would like to help you achieve it. Here at DTS Custom Snare Drums, we have had years of experience maintaining and tuning drums for the best drummers on the planet, and we apply that knowledge to the art of snare drum building. Starting with the best, completely custom drum shells, we painstakingly hand craft each and every drum that comes out of our shop.  The only question is, "Why Don't You Have One?"

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Drum Tech Services, or DTS, was founded in 2011 by highly acclaimed drum tech, Steve "Steevo" Morrison. For the past 19 years, Steve has worked with some of the world’s top drummers including Tommy Lee, Nate Morton, Stephen Perkins, Ginger Fish, Teddy Campbell,  'Lil' John Roberts, Joey Jordison, and many, many more.  After thousands of shows and years of touring, Steevo decided to concentrate his efforts on getting the best sounding and looking drums for television & film, specifically fro Nate Morton on NBC's smash hit, The Voice.  After a wonderful 14 seasons, he is back out on the road and is now focused on making custom snare drums for the most discerning artists and he is ready to make your dream snare become a reality.